Sunday, October 25, 2009


dear diary, yesterday my family and i went to Malacca, we headed to Mcd first then straightly to Everly Beach Hotel

Aizat : daddy, ni hotel berapa star?
Daddy : 2 times 2 plus 1
A : ckp je lah berapa, aizat tak de buku nak kira no
Sara : asal bongok sgt kau ni?
A : suka hati lah

then, we went to Dahtaran Pahlawan. my dad bought Levi's slippers for ibu & himself, a flipflop from Roxy for me, presents for my uncle's daughter & game for aizat. thanks daddy :)

after we went back from D.P we changed our clothes to swim suits. bhahhaa. the water is a lil bit to deep for me & aizat but who cares? i can swim :) by 7pm we showered and watched Shin Chan.
i think its all for today, toodles :)

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