Friday, October 9, 2009

Holy Cow

i called syeera yesterday, she invited me to her open house today. but i can't go to her house bcos i am going to my uncle's house. then, we talked about the people we hated. suddenly, she said a girl her name is ----- -----. yeah she wears tudung. and her parents were like so HOLY! you know what i mean right? who care's that i don't put my tudung on? even my mom wears tudung when she's 35years old. ergh, u see, my granny is a chinesse and my granpa is a half chinesse (chinesse + jawa). so our lifestyle were not the same like hers. syeera read her blog, & she told me that, that girl & her friends hated me so much. like i care? hey, kubur lain, lain. mind your own businesse. i never like her, NEVER EVER. if u guys hated me so much, just ignore me, u can talk about what ever u want and i don't care. I HATE U , BIATCH!

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